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February 3, 2013
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    Without even realizing it, he happen to lose track of time as he was completely immersed in what he was reading. Not being used to such solitude and silence, he unintentionally lost focus on his worries that are always in the back of his mind and just enjoyed the time alone. His attention to his computer was interrupted, however, when the intercom in his room came to life.

    "Captain Stearns, you're needed in the mess hall immediately, we have a situation." a male voice said over top of the yelling of several other men in the background.

    "Dammit Darian." Astrum sighed as he tossed his computer onto the bed. He rushed out of the room and ran down the corridor towards the commotion.

    As he suspected, most of the ship's crew crowded around Switch and James, the man who tried to pick a fight with him the day before. They were both throwing punches as the men roared in excitement. Some taking bets on who would get knocked out first. Switch had the upper hand since it was still very much a game for him so he was calm and collected, while James was beyond fuming.

    Astrum pushed through the group of men and grabbed his brother by the collar and yanked him back.  "You can't go a few days without getting into trouble can you? Six days without incident should not be too much to ask from you!" He yelled.

    "Hey, I'm just finishing what that dipshit started." Switch laughed, making it hard for Astrum to keep his composure. He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose with frustration.

    "Not everything has to end in violence Darian. You could just as easily let it go." he snapped, roughly letting go of Switch's vest.

    "Alright, it wont happen again." Switch shrugged.

    "I hope not." Captain Stearns said sharply as he emerged from the crowd. "You boys are guests here so I suggest you treat my crew with respect."

    "Pfft, that asshole doesn't deserve resp- oof!" Switch began but was cut off when Astrum roughly grabbed the back of his neck causing him to jolt forward a little.

    "What my dear brother meant to say is that he is sorry and to make up for his inappropriate behaviour, he has volunteered to assist your crew with their duties if it is needed." Astrum corrected, giving Switch a stern look.

    "Say what?! Oh that's bullsh-" said Switch giving his brother a look of utter disbelief.

    "Done." Stearns said, as he was quite pleased with the offer. Free work is good work.

    "He can help me." a voice said from the group of men chatting among themselves. Geek made his way through and stood beside the Captain. "I hear he's good with machines." he lied.

    "Great! It's a deal then." Stearns nodded and shook Astrum's hand.

    "Outstanding." Astrum replied, smiling at Geek.

    The Captain turned to his men and got their attention. "Okay ladies, show's over, get back to work!" He looked over at James. "Clean this mess up and report to my office. You just pulled a double shift."

    As the crew slowly left the room and the excitement died down, the boys left the mess hall to head back to their room. Geek was going in that direction anyway so he walked with the two Burillians.

    "The fuck, Az?!" Switch yelled, obviously still displeased about Astrum volunteering him for work. "You act as if I'm a child sometimes!"

    Astrum looked down at him almost apologetically  "I suppose I do but it's not intentional, Switch. You are incredibly smart and you need to find a more productive way to keep your mind stimulated. Face it, you and boredom do not mix." he laughed, pulling his brother into a side hug. "I figured you could do something better with your time here rather than stay cooped up in our room. It'll be good for you." He smiled, clapping Switch on the back.

    "You could have talked to me about it first." Switch mumbled.

    "You could have stayed out of trouble in the first place." Astrum joked and playfully shoved his brother.
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