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What are your characters?
They are Burillian, an original species created by me.

Are they fan characters of (insert game/show/movie/comic)?
Hell no.

Are they aquatic? The blue ones look aquatic.
No. Their skin is soft and non-slimy, just like ours. They don't have gills or fins. Just no.

How did you come up with them?
This explains a little about the process of how I came up with them. Astrum was the first Burillian created in December of 2011. The rest of the characters soon followed. The whole process lasted over 5 months before I finally became satisfied with the design.

Why are there red, blue, green and purple ones?
Burillians have 4 races; red, blue, green and purple. Each race is born in a different region on their planet and each race are given specific jobs. Reds are the more physical race. They make up the military, physical labor, grunt work, etc. Blues are the more intellectual race. They make up the teachers, the scientists, doctors, etc. They are assigned the jobs that require a higher academic level. Greens are the caretakers, the farmers, the nurses, etc. They're the more gentle of the races. And finally, Purples are the "enlightened ones", the Elders of the species. They have a higher understanding of the energy that makes up their species and the universe. They spend their entire life training in combat and meditation and once they reach a certain age, they become an Elder on the council.

They also have slightly different features. The Blues have more rounded antenna/energy receptors and tail tips, Reds have more sharper ones, Greens have more sharper ones as well but they're slightly curved towards their head as well as a sharper tip on their tails, and Purples have angled ones that are slightly outward.

Females look slightly different than the males. They don't have patches on their skin and they have white hair.

Do they all have patches of another color on their skin?
Only the males.

What are the glowing things?
Those are the very life force of a Burillian. Burillians are very sensitive to the energy around them and are capable of using the energy as a defense mechanism. They can send out "shockwaves" of energy. Kind of like a bomb without the fiery destruction, just the force of the explosion. Hope that makes sense. :XD:

If the light dims, they are sick or dying. The light also reflects how they're feeling. It gets more intense as they get angrier/excited.

They are also capable of transferring their energy to another being to help heal them if they are sick or wounded.

If you were to touch them, it feels like their skin. Think of it as putting your finger over a flashlight, the light shines through. That's kind how it works except the light is coming from the inside of their body.

They also need the light to see in the dark because they have very poor night vision. Night time on their planet is our dusk, it doesn't go completely dark so they have no need for night vision.

Can you explain what they have on their heads and why they're there?

This ref explains everything.

Do they have any special abilities?
Yes, they have a few. Because they're so sensitive to energy, just by touching another being, they can feel that person's energy. They can tell with a simple touch of your skin if you're sick, how you're feeling emotionally, and can even tell if you're lying to them.

They can also use their energy to defend themselves by sending out shockwaves. They can be as small or as big as they please but the bigger it is, the more of a risk they take with their life.

What is their diet?
They are strictly carnivores. They can eat any kind of meat but they prefer fresh, raw, red meat. They're not fond of fish.

Are they part of your story K.R.U?
Yes, they are all the main characters and the story revolves around them.

Why do they have such small pupils?
Their pupils don't work like ours. They stay the same size, hence why they can't see in the dark. But they don't need to when they give off their own light. :D

How long do they live?
200 years on average.

How tall are they?
Males are between 5'5" and 6'5" and females are between 5'1" and 5'11". There are no physical abnormalities.

Are they an open species/Can I make one?
I'm sorry but no. Only close friends have permission.

Can I make a hybrid of your species and my species?
No. They rarely breed outside of their species (Astrum and Switch are they only exception) so no, I would not appreciate it if you did that.

Why did you pick Red for your Bursona?
I'm not smart enough to be a Blue, I don't give enough of a shit to be a Green, and I'm not wise enough to be a Purple. :lol:

How many characters do you have currently?
51 characters so far. xD

Why do all your alien characters have human sounding names?
Honestly don't have the time to sit for hours coming up with weird-ass alien names that can't be pronounced for all my characters. :lol: I quite like the fact that they have names that we can relate to.

Still interested in knowing more? Feel free to ask! If you read all this, here's a cookie. :cookie:


Light 'em up by KipachieThousand Years by KipachieYou look so young.... by Kipachie
from my bro Kipachie

Inner Universe by ArthropleuraBros *Click for Animation* by ArthropleuraAstrum by ArthropleuraMini Chibi Switch by ArthropleuraKazzie by Arthropleura

Switch Bounce by Silent-DownPour
^--Silent-DownPour (her other account)
from my best bro Arthropleura

LOVE YOU BRO :iconiloveyouplz:

RieZel : Tuntun by AzzheasmanBruTun by AzzheasmanZ by AzzheasmanGeek: Pinup by AzzheasmanGeek by Azzheasman
from the super talented and amazing Azzheasman


Pestering Astrum. by MONOARROW
from MONOARROW I love Astrum's face. :giggle:

Meet Linlin XD by Yimba
from Yimba

This is Linlin, a "fan baby" she made for Tuntun and Piccolo. I love this so much, he's so cute. :XD:

Tuntun - Commission (DONE) by Camsen02
from Camsen02

Tuntun fanart! :la: I love the colors and pose. :aww:

Commission for RieZel by Elyas11
from Elyas11

I love this SO MUCH! :heart:

Late as hell B-day Pres for madKazzie by jofflin
Birthday present from :iconjofflin:

Gift for madKAzzie - First sketches  :D by RyoGenjiAruka as a Burillian :D by RyoGenji
For you madKazzie :D by RyoGenjiHarley fan art :D by RyoGenji
Surprise gifts from :iconryogenji:

Harley by xesue
Surprise art from :iconxesue: :la:

Looking 'hella Handsome by Zoibird
Surprise art from :iconzoibird: :0

Going through Photoshop/tablet withdrawals. T___T 

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My song: "Lift me up" - Five Finger Death Punch
Current song obsession : "A greater foundation" - As I lay dying

I heart Reds by comiKazzieI heart Blues by comiKazzieI heart Greens by comiKazzieI heart Purples by comiKazzieI heart Dante by comiKazzie

Is awkward, weird, nerdy, emotionally damaged, intolerant of asshattery, and a xenophile. <3 You've been warned. ;D On the flipside, I have a great sense of humor, I'm understanding and laid back for the most part (unless life shits on me and I'm stressed out), I'm always willing to listen and help you in any way I can, and I'm honest/straight forward with people.

Music is a huge part of my life. I listen to a lot of metal and rock with a side of alternative, hip hop, instrumental, a mix of techno and metal, and a mess of guilty pleasures. :lmao: I am very easy going with music, I'll listen to anything, really.

I love to watch movies. Action, Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, doesn't matter. :lol: I don't like a lot of sappy chick flicks but if there's humor in it then maybe I'll tolerate it. xD But I looove superhero movies and cheesy horrors. I obsess over OSTs too.

My all time favorite TV Shows are Breaking Bad, the Walking Dead and Supernatural. Jesse, Glenn and Dean are my favorites. :giggle: Especially Jesse. Umph. That sexy-ass boy.

If that's all cool with you, we'll get along just fine. :3

My gallery only consists of my story K.R.U related art and characters/Burillians.

I also do a lot of lazy-ass sketchy/sloppy art. :lol: I have artistic ADD and can't work on the same piece for too long or I'll lose interest in it. But I am capable of doing decent pieces of art when I get the motivation. They're just few and far between! :dummy: S'just how I roll.

I've been on dA since 2006. :p




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:bulletblue: Custom cover pages:
1. X-x-Nix-x-X = Switch and Az
2. Kipachie = Kyra and Geek
3. Thewickedbeast = Switch
4. Azzheasman = Az and Geek
5. Demonflames = Switch
6. Oneeyedcanine = Switch or Elder Warwick and Gunner
7. Badcowboy69 = Switch
8. CelineDGD = Astrum and Switch or the Protectors
9. Zoibird = Elder Warwick
10. Roseoffate45 = Switch
11. Sugarush14 = Switch
12. Chanree = Switch
13. Megan = ???
14. Me = Switch and Az
15. Me = Az and Geek

:bulletblue: Character ref sheets/bio sheets/chara series
Astrum Wronen
Switch Wronen
Luka Von Strouse
Geek Sullivan/Wronen
Teaka McNeil
Nico ____
Viktor Von Strouse
Harley Sykes
Dante Romanov
Soren Romanov
Marcus Romanov
Claudia Romanov
Rumer Paige
Kyra Norelli/Romanov
Jezza ____
Tuntun ____
Dezzidore ____
Theo ____
Ekko Warwick
Morrigan Wronen
Maddie Wronen
Sadie Wronen
Nox Warwick
Willow Warwick
Karra Wronen
Eli Wronen
Ollie Wronen
Wrex Wronen
Temperance Wronen
Malachy Wronen
Elder Jace Warwick
Elder Oren Ramsey
Elder Spike Murdoch
Elder Seth ____
Elder Ezra Rowland
Elder Milo ____
Elder Dax ____
Elder Sully ____
Nero (once known as Elder Neo Rowland)
Elder Matt Hawke
Elder Cybil Faust
Elder Remy Tobin
Mookie Rowland
Great Elder
Salem ____
Captain Stearns
____ Vandorn
____ Maykis
____ James
Rebel General

:bulletred: Creatures/pets

Current total: 51 (and 13 creatures)

:bulletblue: Burillians ref sheet


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